Abraham-Hicks G-Series – Summer 2006 “Going With The Flow

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G-5-13-06A Hell yes! is going with the Flow. When in the Flow, you can t lose. Even in Nonphysical there is Vibrational contrast. No one else can activate your vibration. Has Abraham anything to learn from us? Is Law of Attraction not somewhat flexible? How can mate control his unwanted thoughts.

G-5-18-06 Are you letting your canoe point downstream? How do geese resolve differences without war? At some point will she revisit pleasant thoughts? Would Mass Consciousness receive Transgender s Vibrational Escrow? When one s ego desires to please another? Is sex not in alignment with Well-Being? Will sex laws terminate after we die?

G-5-21-06 Another perspective of Going with the Flow! In helping others, is she neglecting herself? Adjusting to other s deaths hasn t soothed her. How do expectations flow with our creations? Isn t emotional pain more than a perception? Student s attention-grabbing disrupts the teachers flow. Musician wants more consistency in creative flow.

G-5-27-06 Our every preference is known by Source. From despair Source s call sounds like revenge. How much negative contrast do we need? Comparing the human vs. animal parental instincts? But, this parent s child has special needs? Is joy really our primary evolutionary vehicle? Doesn t bisexual husband force wife s sexuality upstream?

G-5-30-06 You are You before you are you. Incurable! You can t get there from here. He wants to stop his monkey mind . Will he have to return to Earth? Health s going the wrong way. So what!? Why would Abraham recommend placebo s use? Applying Emotional Guidance System in disallowing society? She has an inordinate desire for approval?

G-6-3-06 Flier s fear of powerlessness rendered her powerless. You re being called to what you ve become. The Stream is always flowing your way. Wants to understand how the Universe works. How can she deliberately know her Well-Being? Why does Nonphysical see humans as Leading Edge ? Can he influence his grandchildren from Nonphysical?

G-6-10-06A The Leading Edge isn t the bleeding edge. Getting up to speed with new babies? Would his clone have the same Inner Being? Would scientifically improving birth-defects be immoral? Can we reincarnate into a chosen culture? Are you finding it difficult to sleep? Who stands to gain by his misery?

G-6-17-06 If suffering you re going against the current. From depression, Source calls you to revenge. Can their children survive their painful divorce? How can he release hindering beliefs? He s very uncomfortable with father s death process. How teenager gets more good stuff? Was stuttering part of a Divine Plan?

G-6-24-06 You can t not become and feel good. How s the philosophy of struggle working out? In the moment of death the Gap closes. Why does he foretell his bodys downfall? Was late for her second job interview. How to best choose from Life s buffet? But, athletes body is affected by psoriasis?

G-7-1-06 How can I not observe what s observable? Are trophies worth the paddling hard upstream? How can he come to know the unknown? But, his thriving business is making him tired. Her resentment of others is hurting her. Are their three children enough, or not? Moving toward it is feeling good, too.