Abraham-Hicks G-Series – Spring 2004 “Reach For Desire’s Emotional Essence

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1/31/04A You, alone, are creating your personal reality. Could Beings be, without there being beginnings? Will our national debt destroy our economy? Do our belief systems continue through lifetimes? When Deliberate Creator s intentions differ, both win? On my weight, my age, and timelessness? Singer, actor wants to become world renowned.

2/7/04A Are we reactivating some lingering Thought Forms? Must attention to pessimists diminish one s optimism? Should we turn faces from unwanted diseases? When being painfully honest with our children? But, when my friend is truly suffering? Is timelessness somehow connected to our desire? Her life has become unbelievably, suspiciously spectacular.

2/7/04B But now he wants a life partner. Show dog s winning, but her lover isn t. Nobody s fighting who isn t asking for it. When alcohol becomes an addiction, now what? Can she communicate with her deceased brother? What if she wanted a specific lover? He s gambling and losing; but he s wanted.

2/21/04A Identifying the vibrational essence of your thoughts. Where do you now want to be? Don t measure your progress by another s progress. The pets are getting poor blood tests. What is meant by the term, enlightenment? Why those few actors get many roles. What s her role in her brother s suicide?

2/21/04B Are you ready for a lover? Regarding becoming the master of one s mind. What thoughts can assure one perfect health? From shameful childhood to an angry adulthood. Sexuality, sensuality and intimacy as loving blessings. Found her teen daughter is cutting herself. Can an abortion kill an Eternal Spirit?

2/28/04A We re living in the best of times. You create your own evidence of reality. Set stretching goals but not breaking goals. What happens to our denied emotions? Does Abraham ever desire to learn more? Wants to rejuvenate her body weight emotions. Should he teach there or shouldn t he?

2/28/04B Wants to start a second successful business. Her time and memory are feeling illusionary. How can she get her lover more involved? Single parent feels imprisoned with her children. Creative photographer is buried in creative clutter. Why do so few control so many? I m free to feel as I choose.

3/6/04A How good is too good to feel? Do you feel worthy of unlimited Well-Being? Your feelings are your point of attraction. Their happy, miserable child is stealing things. Feels like his life is living him. You re manifesting the essence of your feelings. You can trust in your natural Well-Being.

3/6/04B When depressed there s no bliss to follow. Has 80%; wants 100% of his miracles. When difficult to accept one s natural Well-Being? If she could shout her warts away. Conquering their child custody case feels unconquerable. He met Abraham 15 wonderful years ago. Is Abraham the Abraham of Jesus?

3/20/04 It s an emotional journey; a feeling journey. He seeks validity regarding the healing process. Ph.D. student is feeling stuck in yuck. Must she feel compassion for friend s death? Teen son viewed a televised porn site. Why did Abraham s recordings bring such pleasure? What about Planning Calendar s Place Mat Process?