Abraham-Hicks G-Series – Fall 2005 “Life Is Supposed To Feel Good

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6-11-05 The Balancing of Energy within yourself. Why would anyone want what I wouldn t? Whose fault was her finance s unwanted activities? Sex was the best part of them. To get past his fear of judgment? Was toothless cowboy not heeding his GOD? To comfort mother after step-dad s death?

7-2-05 When someone s rude, another preference is born. Are you living your truth, or theirs? But, her husband has different philosophical beliefs. Has flying, swimming, teaching, feeling-lost dreams. Do they really fear their future success? Is there a hierarchy amongst the angels? Has been struggling with gender identity.

7-23-05 Is not a war against war, war? Law of gravity taught itself to you. Her recent lover was fundamentally funless. How can I help the world condition? She ll tell her surgery story, anyway. Why aren t Abraham s teachings clear to everyone? How literal can she accept ancient teachings?

7-27-05Your life is supposed to be good. Can our past lives guide our now? Future generations will benefit from this generation. Kan Karma affect our everyday experience? What is Abraham s main advantage to us? Any purpose other than following his bliss ? She wants her daughter to remain happy.

7-30-05 Wherever you go, you still take you. It gets better the better it gets. The bigger the but , the stronger desire. Why do dogs risk heads out of cars? From a healer s perspective, what s up Planetarily? He is filled with feelings of appreciation. He s at a crossroads in their relationship.

7-31-05 You re wanting to feel your negative emotions. Fork your way to whatever feels better. The better to feel: love or appreciation? Is God evolving to a nicer Being? Does she owe Mom a karmic debt ?From where came our 6.5 billion souls? Is his procrastination not sabotaging his success?

8-6-05 Keep forking off into better-feeling directions. You get to choose your next vibration. How does worthiness relate to humility ? Any specific contract with an unborn baby? Teach a child fundamental rights and wrongs? A surrogated child by a gay couple? Is not action necessary to cause manifestation?

8-7-05 Closing the gap between your preferences and beliefs. To feel good, you must feel free. Has play time but doesn t have playmate. Row, row, row your boat…or dream? People, everyday, just get on his nerves. Money for bombs vs. schools? Abraham closes the North Los Angeles Workshop.

8-13-05 You will always have an unfulfilled desire. Attaining true joy is simple, isn t it? Will casual sex hinder future marital relationship? When does a Being enter physical body? Are there dark polarizing influential Non-physical entities? To be more comfortable with her husbands moods? He s 86; must his vitality taper down?

8-27-05 The Universe already knows what you want. Lean in the direction of your desire. What s common to those attracted to Abraham? The positive aspects of high priced gasoline? Could you make peace with a Twinkie? Should mothers guide children from offensive language. Your beasts do not worry about death.

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