Abraham-Hicks G-Series – Fall 2006 “Relax And Let Go Of The Oars

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G-7-22-06A Your Source trusts your ability to know. Your emotions are your vibrational variances. When the Stream calls you, answer it. When preferring being right over feeling good. Whatever their religious labels, they re Source Energy. Must she set example for students? A healthy balance between action and thought.

G-7-26-06 What if those assumptions are really true? Go with the Flow that you ve created. It s time to just let war be? Is true Paradise possible on this planet? To improve good relationship with his daughter? Birth children and then let them be? If no one performed the less desirable jobs?

G-7-29-06 You are very old, wise and Eternal. There s no end to your potential improvement. Should mom leave house to divorcing husband. You both get what you think about. Will deceased cat forgive its owner s fears? Could joyous Beings create horrific historical prisons? Should Abraham be more available to children?

G-7-30-06 Evolution of your desires as Eternal Beings. A baby s price for food and lodging? To claim gifts from past-live s personalities? Is she limited to her desires essence? He s prohibiting his sons extreme-broad-band activities. Children want you to know they know. She wants to allow her incoming relationships. Placebos, schlamebos, use whatever works for you.

G-8-5-06A Your Source will remain starry-eyed . Everything that you want is downstream. Let go of the oars and relax. Your Source knows who you have become. He d prefer not doing what s bringing money. Life s good, but his dreams are unsettling. Is she stalking beautiful, but disinterested, Fred?

G-8-5-06B Commodities trader has questions regarding the charts . To tap into another s Vibrational Escrow? He wants to feel Source via meditation. There are many right ways to heal oneself. Would using breathing process facilitate Allowing? Esther s final words to Kate would be? She is joyously anticipating birthing her baby.

G-8-6-06A Why doesn’t the electricity become a toaster? Downstream things feel good and not hard. Are the maps you’re following currently relative? What is the secret to our cluelessness? To keep his diagnosed leukemia at bay? What, in the beginning, caused us to be? Aspiring musician observes others not succeeding.

G-8-27-06 Is Life s Stream beating up on you? Make peace (successfully) with where you are. How can mother best guide her children? Isn t fighting over God going too far? Can (or do) our Souls help us? Release anti-gay religion, yet keep his God? A Make Peace with My Body process?

G-8-29-06AA part of You expresses in physical. Making the best (or worst) of what-is? Training beasts (or humans) using neutral discipline? When someone is talking in their sleep? Is expanding his healing center the solution? Was her sexual partner only a prop? She s still curious about our creation story.

G-8-29-06B To experience more ease vs. pushing against. He wants guidance toward his life s purpose. She wants to know a personal God. Both your castles and buttons are downstream. Has aspiring actress found an upstream profession? What is father s grief support group supporting? He finds exhilaration in performing risky activities.