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This site serves two main purposes. First and foremost I created this site to be a fan site for Abraham-Hicks. I do not own the copyright to any of the content, all content should be contributed to Abraham-Hicks and others. Secondly, I’m hoping others that are wanting to discover Abraham have a great resource to the ever growing library of Abraham content that is out there. Within this site I’ve curated the content that has resonated with me along my journey. My hopes are that you too may discover some jewels within this curated content. All products offered on this site are fulfilled via Amazon Fulfillment Services. And as Abraham always says “There is much love for you here.”

Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel—and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.Abraham

My Personal Journey in Discovering Abraham

I first saw The Secret movie when it came out in 2006. With all the hoopla around the series premier, and it’s heavy promotion from Oprah, I wanted to understand what this was all about. While it wasn’t life changing at the moment, it resonated with me. Then a couple of years later, I discovered a book called, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon had written this New York Times Best Seller in 1937. I found his story fascinating. I would incorporate some of this philosophy into my life.

Then some time had passed and I was looking for more. I went back to Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret and realized she had written another book on gratitude, called The Power. Learning to be more grateful, thankful for all the blessings in my life. I could feel how just making a conscious effort daily to be thankful really began to show even more abundance coming into my life. I even started the 365 Grateful Challenge.

Forever a seeker for more, I searched YouTube and came across the video that explained how Esther Hicks was a narrator and star of the original version of the film The Secret, as well as a central source of the film’s inspiration. Who was Esther Hicks and this entity she called Abraham. I was definitely intrigued. Thus my journey into learning more began.

Let go of the oars… everything you want is downstream.Abraham
People will love you, people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you.Abraham

From Abraham-Hicks Official Facebook Feed

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3 days ago


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Thank you so much for this teaching! This lesson is so valuable. I am doing much better with this, yet it is a constant effort. I know this to be the answer, and my soul knows this to be the truth. Bless you for sharing! Lots of love to you and to all! 💙💚💙💚

Thank you 😘😘😘😘😘

GRATITUDE Be grateful to the vortex that already exists alongside, here, with you and it is completely at your direct access.

muchas gracias

Thank you 🎊

Thank you!

Very timely for me at the moment.

Love this so much 💫

Thank you 💖💖💖

Thank you for the confirmation!! I am right on schedule then 😍❤

Thank you for sharing! So good!

Thank you!

Love love love this! I receive!

Thank you for the reminder

Love you Esther! WHOOO <3

“Some things you desire, your soul has agreed you shan’t have in this life. “ Loosely translated from the Seth Materials

I have not yet reached the point of quickly evaluating all situations and then quickly reaching a conclusion..any thoughts on that?


To understand your SOUL and to manage YOUR thoughts, check THIS out www.makingtheirrationalrationalbook.com/exercise/. It is original tool for focus and motivation. Working good on tablet or on computer.

I want to thank you for your teachings that's what I want to do right now...!



This actually works!


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6 days ago


Thank you for joining us for this leading-edge Amsterdam seminar! #AbrahamHicks ... See MoreSee Less

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Wow there are no words for this weekend. Love is coming close 😊💚. I had an amazing time. The Energy was so high. I have met amazing People and so much Joy! Thank you for coming to Amsterdam. And thank you all for the co creating. 💚

Lovely weekend in Amsterdam. Thanks to all of you, thanks for all your smiles and kindness.. thanks to Abrahams and to Esther. What a wonderful World we have created. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Benthe

So grateful for this AMAZING experience. Thank you for coming to Europe! My desire is for you to come more often to Europe. Thank you for everything! Thank you! Thank you!❤️🙏🏻

I am so grateful that I have had opportunity to be there on seminar in Amsterdam 🙂 It was new and amazing experience

It was amazing thank you, your team and all participants 🙏🏻👌🏼

I was there I was there ❤❤❤❤the most amazing experience ever! Still wearing my wristband 😍😍😍😍😍


So endlessly grateful for this experience🙏There are NO WORDS for it! You’ve activated so much love within all of us and left us empowered to created and experience the most magical life journey ever! Thank you💛💛💛

Thank you so much!! It was wonderful and inspiring. And the expansion continues ❤❤❤❤

I would highly appreciate it if you would come back!

I was extremely happy with my ticket from the moment I bought it in 2018. And for good reason.. You rock my world ❤❤❤🚀🚀🚀

So great to be there! Thank you so much! ❤️🍀

The AWESOME PLEASURE of NON resisting THOUGHT!! Appreciation for the amazing experience! My day dream is to wellcome Ester -Jerry and Abrahams in Greece someday.....

Thank you for such a wonderful and as always, insightful workshop in such a wonderful place!

It was beyond describing! So very grateful to you coming here and each and every one of us helping manifesting ♥️

I loved it so much!! 💕💕💕💕 It certainly was a Masterclass in Deliberate Creation! ✨👌🏼💥

Thank you for coming it was amazing!!! Please come back ASAP 🤩😍❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for the lovely two days in Amsterdam. Thought-provoking and enlightening.

"There is Great Love for you here!!!" <3

It was such an awesome pleasure to attend this event! Thank you!🥰🙏

Amazing workshop in an amazing place with so many amazing people!!! 🧡

It was beyond amazing. Thank you!

It was so amazing Abraham, Esther, and all the wonderful people there, thank you! A life-changing weekend! 💖💖💖

It was fantastic! Much love and appreciation 💜.

Wow, hearing all of that cheering for Esther and Abraham just filled me with immense joy. I can feel the energy right through the screen! Can’t wait to see you again!

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1 week ago


We are so happy to be in Amsterdam, preparing for our workshop this weekend! #AbrahamHicks ... See MoreSee Less

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How do we find out about this event and future ones in Europe? Every time I checked your website, I could only see US events... please let me know if you have any spaces available for this one. ❤️

So want 2 join you next time in Amsterdam how do I find out when your next in Amsterdam to attend please ? London? Paris ?

Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring weekend in Amsterdam. The energy was amazing high.. thank you to all of you.

I wanted to join this event so much, but unfortunately it was already sold out. I hope I could join one of your events somewhere and somehow. I love to be there, to cocreate. Thank you

Thanx Abraham for calling me in the hotseat and remind me of what I am in nature, and for all my co-creating audience for experiencing this wonderful experience!

What an amazing workshop! So many new things and the vibration from the beginning high! I loved the fine tuning and everyone who was there to experience it and co-create. ❤ hope Amsterdam will be an annual event!

Dear Esther, Thank you for all your beautiful workshops on YouTube ! I could not attend the workshop in Amsterdam as it was sold out, but i could feel the energy as i live near the Westergasfabriek. Have a wonderful day and a safe trip home. ❤️

Thank you so much for this beautiful workshop. I feel so happy I was there, enjoyed it sooooo much and My vibration is perfectly calibrated for more and more goodness 😁

Thank you for coming to Amsterdam, Abraham, Esther and all the crew. Those were two amazing, leading edge, high flying sessions!

Had such an amazing day! Thank you Esther Hicks for all the joy you bring & the teachings of Abraham! Looking forward to 2mo seminar, super excited! 💕☺️🎉

Welcome to Amsterdam Esther (& Abraham & Jerry)! I’ll see you in a few hours! We are going to have soooo much fun! 💗

It was fantastic🤗 thank you so much for this amazing energy! Looking forward to the 2nd day!

We arrived today as well and had such a wonderful welcome here with nice, lovely people, including Super Mario! 😁😁😁 Now arrived at the hotel and listening to Esther and Abraham 💝💝💝 Can't wait! See you all tomorrow!! 😍😍😍

One of my great manifestations! I'll be there tomorrow! 😁

I feel dissapointment for not being on time to know that you were coming to my city. Your almost next door!! I wished And vizualized that you were coming so close ... that came treu. But I also wished to shake your hand And Having an Nice picture together .. becuz I know this feels better to have iT!! .....Well I wish everyone the time of his Life.... And Esther ?? I so hope we Will ever meet .. 😘😘one of your biggest fan... Now...I go to bed .. vizualizing., just for the good feeling of iT 😊

I had a ticket but had to cancel because I have a very sick loved one to care for. I hope everyone has a wonderful time, I am sure they will. Much as I would love to be there too, I wouldn't be anywhere else but by my loved one's side right now <3

How do we find info about this event? I would love to attend.

So excited to meet you tomorrow! Have a great time in the Netherlands.

I’m soooo happy to be here to see you! Thrilled that my first European trip was centered around you!❤️

I would have loved to go, unfortunately the tickets were sold out already in January 😭 Having only one date in Europe isn't enough. It would be great if you could do more workshops next time or be able to get alerts and get notified as soon the date and place is known. I'm sure I will manifest my participation soon. 🤗🙏😊

So excited to be in Amsterdam and cannot wait for the event this weekend.

Yeeeehaaa you are here. We had visualisation and lots of wishes you would come to Amsterdam with many of us.. Waauwww 🙏💚💞💞

Listening to you right now... And will all day long!! Looking forward to meeting the most influential, most impactful person In my life. 💕

A very warm welcome to Europe! Love you! ❤️

One day I will see your workshop I love you Esther! I listen to you five hours a day since my husband decided to take his own life two years ago. He's free now .

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2 weeks ago


#AbrahamHicks ... See MoreSee Less


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Love the journey, not the destination.... best mindset I’ve ever made!!

Love this! Thank you so much for this reminder to get back on track with feeling the joy on the journey! I have recognized this on many wonderful things that have manifested in my life. Yet, I can so often get caught up in the end result feeling, rather than feeling good right now about it! Bess you! I am back on track feeling joy on the journey! Lots of love to you and to all! 💜💗💜💗💜💗💜

This is pure gold! Thank you for all your love centered infinitely beautiful teachings. Feeling so blessed to know you!

Very true, loving thanks 👍❤️🙏🙆💫

I really feel a peaceful-loving energy flowing through my body,now its Happiness for myself ,my life <3

I Love this quote. x

Thank you so much Esther and Abraham !🙂🎩 sweet inspiration amd deep Thoughts!

When im in vortex, i feel happy and satisfied

Thank you ever so much darling Esther

Thank you! 😘

Very appropriate for today, thank you for the reminder🙂 Have a beautiful day.

The best and inspiring teachings of life !!! All my gratitude love to Esther &team and Jerry the most inspiring human beings I feel blessed and I feel joy this knowledge is pure beauty love enlightment... I feel like I am going from surprises to surprises and my taste of life is becoming more and more deep large my wish is to meet Esther and Abraham students soon in America .... love and kiss from Paris

Thank you Esther!! For the really good reminder 💖.. Much love! 😍

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Easter we love you 💕

The experience of the journey! What a sweet ride 😬🎉

Feeling so blessed and enriched by your teachings.

I'm so grateful about my journey and I'm very happy in my current situation. I'm in love with this exact moment. I don't need anything to make me feel anything else I already feel, but I'm definitely not saying no to receiving more abundance. I don't need anything else what I already have but I know it is so fun to unfold things and experience extra. I love were I am now. And now. And now. And now.💜💜💜

Yes need to keep 🧘‍♂️it’s an incredible journey ! Keep believing and appreciating.

Yessss!😊 People like you strengthen my faith and lift my energy up.Thank you so much💞

I was raised a Christian, and know scripture, it says that when God or source was finished with a creative day, the feeling of that completed day was good. As co-creators with source we need to feel good in order to move on to the next feel good creations on our list. And when we rest we need to feel contentment and wake up in a new creative process. I use the bible as a guide only if it fits what I am learning from Abraham, if it is good, emotionally uplifting and seems to be liberating, and loving, then it is sound and in sync with source energy. I am amazed when I look at how scriptures go in and out of that energy, which show's the difference between source based information and humaning thoughts.🤔🤯 Thank you Abraham, Esther and Jerry, for giving us all a new perspective it is very freeing and I understand now what Jesus was trying to do. A young and open minded part of source that freed people from oppressive dogma and became one of the first apostates and called his 12 that followed him Apostles not a coincidence I am sure.

So true the way to feel good is challenging sometimes

Blessings don't come after a certain physical action. A blessing is a new, enriched feeling you give yourself and from that personal, inward blessing, all actions evolve to show you this new, enriched feeling you gave yourself. Nothing can bless you if you don't bless yourself with the feeling of it. If you don't have the feeling of it active within you, no outer blessing could ever stick to you. All occurances come from within you. Your day comes from within you. The people and interactions in your day come from within you. The feeling of the day comes from within you. All of the day is tinted with the feelings that come from you. It's you. It's you. It's all you and as you have control over how you feel, you have control over what feelings you attach to everything. You set the tone. You give the vibe. You are the one in control of all of life's feelings. Change your perception millions of times if needed and do so until what you look at feels good to you. Coz you're not looking at life. You're looking at your perception of life and only your opinions can hurt or delight you. If it doesn't feel good, change your mind until you reach the feeling you desire. Bless yourself with whatever feeling you feel you deserve. Coz you deserve joy and ease and satisfaction. You deserve happiness and thrill and excitement. You deserve glee and fun and exhileration. You deserve the whole A to Z dictionary of good stuff. Coz you are the good stuff. You are Source Energy.

Greatest and Biggest lesson I learned to apply to my life this year.. Happiness is not in things,places or people it is something I have within me and I have access to at all times .. Thanks for bringing awareness to this❤💞💞💞

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2 weeks ago


#AbrahamHicks ... See MoreSee Less


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I need to seriously work at both! Some days I have an abundance of love for both and other days none. I’m so, so flawed! 🤗

That's why I appreciate your teanchings and I love you and myself for that!

Appreciation is fire as my son would say!

I absolutely love this. I have been following you for a long time, but I manifested so many amazing situations or events , because of your teaching. this is fun. thank you for sharing this brilliant and powerful teaching with us

Yes with loving thanks. ❤️🙏😇🙆💫

I’m so feeling this today and every day!

Tonight I led my 6th grade son Jared through his middle school orientation. We had his 15 year old sister with us. And I watched as my children lovingly greeted students , new teachers and other parents. My sweet bear hug son who wears a size 8 shoe in men’s. Hugged so many , gave high fives to many , pats on the back and encouragement . I had such an appreciation for these sweet souls my source energy blessed me with. When we love and appreciate those around us. Wow what a world we create.

I have held a lot of gratitude and appreciation for a lot of things, but this made me stop and realize that I haven't appreciated myself in a while. I have gratitude for a lot of things, but I am still very hard on myself.

I want to thank you Esther and Abraham for all the work you are doing! I have learned that I can dream big and think small. 'Just' follow my highest excitement in every moment and things will all fall into place at divine timing. I'm still playing with it but I know I'm making progress every little step. 😊

A moment of gratitude makes a big difference in our attitude

Love this reminder 🌻💜

Love this, love Abrahams teachings❤❤❤

So AWESOME. I thank you for all your LOVE. 💖💖💖

Thank you , with love and appreciation

Love Abraham teachings!!! Thank you so much Esther! 💜💚

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Always remembering your words

🎶Good, good, good, Good vibrations🎶!😎

Hope to hear from Abraham in my meditation someday, thank you 🙏 Abraham

Abraham Hicks I have recently been introduced to you and I can’t tell you enough how much I have been learning a better way to live my life. Thank you so much for all that you are.

Also, most of the animals raised for slaughter don't have nice lives. They are factory famed, left indoors and never see daylight. They are in crowded sheds, filled with ant-biotics and steroids and treated inhumanly in many many parts of the world. It is also adds to the pollution of the world, destroying forests and land for raising cattle and sheep. Methane produced by the cows warms the planet which is melting the glaciers. It takes freshwater resources away from people to feed the livestock. Eating meat is bad for the planet, for the animals and people. Especially mass farming of cattle. And if you eat fish, know you're eating plastic. There is no sample of seawater that doesn't have plastic. In fact you wear plastic everytime you buy synthetic fibers and contribute to ocean pollution when you wash the plastic clothes.

Got appreciation of others down...working on appreciation of self! Angels big help in that area 😇🧚‍♂️🌟🧚‍♂️

I appreciate your sharing! 💗

Appreciating me on this very special day...

I have the key to the personal VORTEX: check: www.makingtheirrationalrationalbook.com/exercise/

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3 weeks ago


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Thank you 🙏

Perfect timing, thank you.

Love you, Esther! Thank you very much for your teaching.

I remember reading this years ago and it really helped. Thankyou for reminding me to choose a better feeling thought.

Thinking about puppies, good food, the joy of my friend Jane <3, wonderful music <3 Life is sooooooooo good and delicious <3 🙂 Thank you Abraham-Hicks for changing my life. I'm so excited to have started a face-to-face Monday morning group in San Diego. It's called, "Joy-full Coffee With Abraham." We'd love to have you Esther on Monday, September 2, 10:00 am-11:00 am. We meet at Einstein Bagels-10460 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92120,...Love you Esther!!! <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you

Oh for me sometimes it’s best to ignore my thoughts and remember the inner voice of my heart ...sweet Esther and Abraham you have been one of my Angels.

Thank you. Enjoy life filled with laughter and abundant blessings!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. 🤗🥰

Thank you! This is so helpful!

Thank you

This works so incredibly well. 🙂

Uma semana de muita apreciação a vocês😍

Synchronicity. Today, I worked on one of my books & what I wrote parallels this. Same thought, different wording. It proves once again that a Universal mind exists. Always grateful for AH 💕

Thank you for teaching me. You have made a hue difference in my life. ❤️

Thank youx

Love you guys!!!

Yes yes and more yes’s to that which serves me better!

Every day, every moment, every glimpse is a chance to "flip the switch"; Buckminster Fuller called the method "The Trim Tab"... Essential stuff!!!

I'm learning to hear that voice more. Keeps me steady instead of wobbling all over the place like before. Thank you so much for all that you are 💜💜💜

Ligh tbulb Moment! Of course, if we think something is one way, and we get the gut wrench, by all means take this as 'the voice from Source' directly telling us, we are wrong! Happy Day! Easy, then, to switch that around and be on our Merry Way. 🙂 <3 Thank you! I'm sharing this to Just Sayin' Kaye A. Peters

What if you are not monitoring your thoughts perse, are very aware of them, and notice the thoughts are making you feel the discomfort?

I disagree--discord only visits us when we place judgment on our thoughts, which is a response to them, rather than being aware of them and allowing them to pass away like clouds. It is preferable to be mindful of all energy that we create and that passes through us, though you could do it this way if you so choose, it's simply a reverse process I feel tends to confuse things. Though I live in the heart primarily, I am still mindful of ALL energy. Thoughts are seeds that create the feels, which is a decision to respond to a thought. Once we let the feeling out of the bag, LOA begins to kick in.


as Jerry says, "Self help from your "Total" self.

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3 weeks ago


Good morning! We are in Long Beach, California today preparing for our workshop tomorrow morning! #AbrahamHicks ... See MoreSee Less

Good morning! We are in Long Beach, California today preparing for our workshop tomorrow morning! #AbrahamHicks

Comment on Facebook

Have a wonderful time everyone. Love from New Zealand

Today was so amazing. Thank you.

Myself and many others would love to see you all in New Zealand or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere xx

Wish I was there!

Great picture.

Wonderful house

Oh I wish I were there Esther!:)

Please come to New Zealand Esther! 💓

Have a wonderful time ❤️🇬🇧🙏😎💐❤️

Would be so nice to attend. I moved from Long Beach. Attended a few workshops while there. Sending SO MUCH L🧡VE ! Thank you so much, Esther, for all your joyful dedication in bringing this profundity forward...and forward... and forward............ Abraham is alive in me! 🧡😄😍⭐️🙌🤡👏💙❌⭕️‼️✔️

Sending you love from Las Vegas I listen to you everyday gets me through my day heading to San Diego for Labor Day weekend vacation I will catch up with you one of these days when are you coming to Las Vegas you're the best to me

Good morning

Your videos have been such a comfort to me. I hope to be sat in front of you one day Thank you 🙏

My name is Vuyo Tetani in South Africa and i just want to say that your work has changed my life for the better and the greatest. Thank you. I love you.


It’s a good morning, there is great love for you here 💕 Wish I could be there soaking in all of your wisdom Abraham-Hicks

It’s a hard luck life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Welcome to Long Beach! ❤

Absolutely amazing! What a wonderful energy and joy to be in your presence!🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️

Good morning! Enjoy your stay!

It was incredible! Thank you Esther, Jerry, Abraham and team! It was another amazing day!

As those day approache, I am grateful for you Abraham and Esther for all you have and are doing for us all!!

Yikes! That's one big space-age building... Long Beach has changed a bit since I was familiar with it 3 decades ago...!!! SO glad you're out spreading this information to those who are ready to hear it... Love you, Esther, Jerry and Abraham... (and me, too!)

Good Morning Dear

Thankful for all that you do and express Esther and Abraham.x

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Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are! Nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes you happy; the things that thrill you, or the things that worry you. You have the choice in every moment.Abraham

Discover Abraham in Person…

If you are ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see Abraham in person, I can attest it’s a very wonderful experience. In November 2014, I had the opportunity to see Abraham in Atlanta for the first time. I was really nervous, and had watch many videos, but I never understood the sense of well-being one gets by being around a group of people who have such well-being in them.

Abraham’s workshops generally cost about $225 for experience, which while I feel is a bit pricey, if you can afford it, it is money well spent. I understand there is a cost in hosting these workshops and traveling around the county and around the world doing a workshop almost every other weekend all-year long. I just wish the price was a little more reasonable, like $125 to $150.

I am thankful that if you are looking to learn more about Abraham and their teachings, there is so much free content that is provided on the internet, especially via YouTube and other fan sites. Check out the video below by Lana Shlafer, she describes this experience well.

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If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence. Abraham