Abraham-Hicks G-Series Cd’s – G-Series Fall, 2002 SYour Well-Being is Natural

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7/3/02 Discover how to allow your every desire. She still has issues with evil people. Her question is about her astrological fate. Is this the Universal Truth he s seeking? The weaker country vs. the big bully? Is creation only activated by sober minds? What s the difference between unconsciousness and death?

7/13/02 Why do people come to see Abraham? Optimism , as doing what s best for me. Torn between teaching Well-being and earning $. Ranking man-made laws vs. Universal Laws? Raw foods, scrimping, saving; avenues to success? Total family disconnects when mother falls apart. Advice for first year high school teacher.

7/20/02 Bad doesn t just happen; good gets resisted. Does Abraham have any tips on meditation? So, what s the purpose of my body? Are one s past unhealthy thoughts still active? Any disease could be healed with distraction. The relationship between emotion and solar plexus? Is being happy enough to maintain Well-being?

8/3/02 To tell the truth, or feel good? An Elderly New Ager considers valve closers. Not stuck with illness she doesn t resist? Why are his dreams no longer uplifting? The egg or the chicken; which came first? What s best for smart, advanced children? Should they seek out their core beliefs ?

8/10/02 Do things have Vibrational Matches ? Twenty-five years of Teachers and now Abraham. Speak about my own Well-being being enough? When does monkey s Spirit enter fetus? A monkey s Life Force vs. human s Spirit? As father abandoned him, he abandoned son. Can anything physical block his business?

8/18/02 Do you enjoy a new insight? Has mother transferred irrational fears to daughter? Wrote children s book using Abraham s copyrighted material. Lost nearly everything; regained it; now what? She performs stand-up comedy in harsh environment. Getting from starving artist to prosperous artist? She has questions about her sexual dreams.

8/31/02 I m on a joyous path to what? Is the ego-in-natural-man evil? At what point do we become separate? Will cluttered worldwide event not create Armageddon ? What form of consciousness does our Soul take in Nonphysical? Mother feels lack of hugs from son. Is this guiding, or controlling, teenage daughter?

9/2/02 Deactivate what s unwanted by activating what s wanted. How does forgiveness fit in with allowing ? Her mother s funeral evoked family unity. But, when one misses relationship with deceased? Is there any value in utilizing hallucinogenic plants? Why doesn t he get more straight answers? Wants clarification between humans and the beasts.

9/7/02 If I can remember, I can visualize. When taking the life of another being? The difference between drugged and rational thought? A one-on-one relationship with Inner Being? Has Abraham-Hicks ever committed an error? When trying to explain channeling our Source ? Fears child s ethnic background will provoke arrests.

9/21/02 Are hands on stove a family tradition? Can she avoid thinking about terminal illnesses? Do we have free will or predestiny ? Can they work less and play more? What to do with her old tapes? He s struggling with disorganization in his business. Should he break his knuckle cracking habit?