Abraham-Hicks G-Series – Winter 2006 “Just Turning Around Is Enough

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G-9-13-06 Bombing them will cost you money, too. To overcome his penurious old financial habits. Singer/realtor has some starving artist concerns. He wants to avoid the word, want. Is there value in medicating dementia patients? If leaving Abraham out of Abraham s Teachings ? Should she control, or guide, her children?

G-9-18-06 Would you want to paddle upstream? In only 30 days, you could… Is daughter resisting mother s Abraham influence? Her business caters to guilty: animal owners. After reading Ask her nose began to twitch. She feels guilty about potential business success. Why are more Africans happier than Americans?

G-9-23-06 Your vibrational gaps translate into negative emotion. Eleven year old stepdaughter is a challenge. Dedicated 18 years to their challenging daughter. Why would their twin son not survive? Has upcoming grandchild deliberately chosen the family? Raising a child adopted from another culture?

G-9-30-06 Let the Current turn you toward relief. There s a reason the rich get richer . How is it that everyone can be right ? Marry lover, or move on from here? What if he could wrestle with Abraham? Do things come faster when blissed out ? Since brain never stops growing, why dementia?

G-10-7-06 Everything we do is to feel better. Clinging to floor of River of Life? The World can only move to more. Isn t there a greater purpose than pleasure? He wasn t surprised Mom chose suicide, but…? Death is done by self to self. When someone fears the Stream s obstacles?

G-10-9-06 The thought always precedes the physical form. Death, as an expanded version of you?Where I am is always all right? You can t prevent your child s natural evolution. Kate does what she wants to do. Veterinarian relates pet s illnesses to their owners. Is there a Universal Law regarding leadership ?

G-10-14-06 Your personal evolution, as expanding the Universe. Little children, as products of their environments. The Workshop, as a flowing downstream event. Will job arrive before money runs out? Trust only yourself to truly know yourself. Giving your best has to be enough. Abraham closes the Washington DC Workshop.

G-10-21-06 Stop paddling and go with the flow. You can be born again, today, too. Even children know it: Good feels good. Can any religious culture violently convert another? Has rediscovered lost childhoold s natural Well-Being. Speak to us, Abraham, of our destiny? How to manifest an abundance of money?

G-10-30-06 Was the infant learning within thewomb? Business growth: faking it isn t making it. Your every fear is all about you. He d rather not sue his remodeling subcontractors. To make peace with where you are? When chocolate chip cookies look like relief? Could a person live by beer alone? What s up with the Black Hole concept?

G-11-11-06 Not all of you came to Earth. Should he temporarily lower his career standards? Are there any limits to our abilities? Nothing, he works at feels exactly right. Must Jill come tumbling down with Jack? He hasn t been accepting money opportunities. What is the condition of autism about? dom event? But, his suggestions were resented as complaints.