Abraham-Hicks G-Series Cd’s – G-Series Summer, 2002 Creative Control is Yours

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5/7/02 You seem to have forgotten why you came. From the boogie man, to the IRS. How does one s tithing relate to prosperity? Can my new alignment affect my ancestors? Can he revive his successful business vibration? Is past cancer poised in her future? Can we fly, like in our dreams?

5/11/02 You have creative control of your life. Virtual Reality isn t about fixing something broken. The Non-physical, as incompatible with our logic. What s the nature of the physical body? She was taught earthly things aren t worthy. So, is there value in being physical? He has noticed the evolution of Abraham .

5/13/02 Get in, feel good and get out! When believing humans aren t made quite right? Geriatric Nurse questions survival of the fittest. Veterinarian questions how biology connects with spirituality. Can his work feel in the flow ? Regarding Seth s setting proper blocks of sleep time? Has selfishness evoked unresolved body lumps?

5/18/02B We teach it; we don t live it. Why sleepy after twelve hours of work? Will this unique, eccentric me always be? She has been diagnosed with something unpleasant. What if we re working on more dollars? How does the Universe answer our desires? Mom, in coma, visited with comforting grandparents.

5/21/02 You have creative control over your manifestations. School s teaching children to practice horrible deaths. Teacher s young daughter isn t enjoying her school. After 85 years, she expects improved eyesight. She s fascinated by the evolving, expanding Universe. All wonderful things are coming to her. Abraham s words of wisdom for new parent.

5/25/02 Imagine yourself anywhere you want to go. Why should birth experience be painful? Contractor has recurring fear of being broke. Her cats vs. her business partner husband. Painful issues take away this Psychologist s joy. How can she deactivate financial abundance fluctuations? Stock market investor wants some daily phrases.

5/28/02 How does your new desire make you feel? To keep Process-practicing from becoming boring? Any recommended sweeping social and environmental changes? He disturbed himself with an inappropriate thought. Friend s sexual chemistry felt better than husband s. Wants a realistic feeling of Source Energy? Is there time for all I want?

6/1/02 When horses pull together vs. pulling apart. There s nothing from which to protect yourself. She really doesn t know how to meditate. Son s third strike and it s jail for life? Had a year of phobias and anxieties. Has ongoing power struggle with preteen son. To inspire son to be team player ?

6/15/02 Your life, as an adventure without risk. Got more money, but more responsibility too. What is his best question to ask? Various religion s founders; what were they thinking ? He plays procrastination games with term papers. Hated father doesn t visit children often enough. Son belches the alphabet at dinner table.

6/29/02 I can damn well choose my thoughts! Can she eliminate her basic core beliefs? How can she make her mate behave? Does deceased Dad observe her sexual activity? How can we not interact with complainers? Should she remarry the man she divorced? Accidents,healing and cause & effect law ?